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How Misaligned Wheels can cost You Money
Wheel Alignment What is it ? & Benefits to You 
How Often & Where ?
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How Misaligned Wheels can cost You Money

If your wheels are out of alignment they will be pointing in different directions as your car travels down the road. So instead of your wheels working together to smoothly efficiently move your car along the road they work against each other. Because of this

  • your tyres wear out quicker than they should,
  • your car uses more fuel (because your engine works harder as your wheels
    push against each other), and
  • your car may pull to one side of the road.

Over time as your car experiences the knocks and bumps of being driven over imperfect roads your wheels go out of alignment. Kerbs and potholes push your alignment out quicker and further.

What is a Wheel Alignment & its Benefits to You

A wheel alignment measures and adjusts your cars suspension settings to make sure all your wheels are pointing in the same direction and at the correct angels to the road according the manufacturers specifications. This means your car travels along the road with the least friction giving you the following benefits: 

  • saves money by improving fuel economy 
  • makes your tyres last longer 
  • gives you a smoother ride 
  • improves handling and safety

How Often & Where ?

Increasing car manufacturers are recommending four wheel alignments at regular intervals - as little as 10,000 kms, however we suggest one about every 20-30,000 kms or when purchasing a new set of tyres.

Alignments generally take 45 minutes to perform.  Remember, if there is any problems we will contact you before doing any further work. 

align2.jpg (43977 bytes)We have NZs latest and most advanced German Wheel Alignment system to make sure you get the most accurate alignment at a reasonable price.

So call us today to make a booking and while you wait, relax in our modern showroom, enjoy a FREE Robert Harris Espresso Coffee and read the newspaper or a magazine from our selection. We are also open 7 days.

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