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Your Questions & our Qualifications

bike.jpg (68296 bytes)Today you have the greatest choice of motorcycle tyres ever available, so you can find the tyre that's perfect for your use.  Check out the easy to follow categories below then contact us for advice to confirm the best choice for you. 


Sport Touring Tyres (radial)brid010.jpg (62751 bytes)

This is the most popular category with these tyres being perfect for high mileage riders.  Although often referred to as mileage radials, don't underestimate the performance of these tyres.  Average mileage 12,000 -16,000 kms (dependent on rider, machine & conditions).  Check out the application guide or get  a quote now.

Sport Tyres (radial)brid020.jpg (62984 bytes)

For the rider demanding high performance from their tyres.  A feature of this category is the easy, smooth & safe handling achieved at all speeds by these tyres whether on city streets or country roads.  Average mileage 7,000 -12,000 kms (dependent on rider, machine & conditions). Check out the application guide or get  a quote now.

Supersport Tyres (radial)pirmtr21.jpg (18366 bytes)

If you want the ultimate grip from your road tyres, this catergory is for you.  These tyres have the same carcass as sport tyres but with stickier race like compound, perfect for on the edge road use or the occasional day on the race track.  Average mileage 2,500 - 5,000 kms (dependent on rider, machine & conditions).  Check out the application guide or get  a quote now.

Production Race Tyres (radial) 

Super soft compound for extreme racing grip.  The ultimate grip available.   Designed specifically for race use these tyres have a short lifespans. Check out the application guide or get  a quote now.

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Find the Right Tyre Application

The top tyres from the best manufacturers are listed below for modern bike radial tyres in each category.  Contact us for a brochure and let us explain which model would best suit.

Over 500cc 
Sport Touring Battlax 020 Dragon GTS MTR 23/24 Sportmax D205 MEZ4 Macadam 90X
Sport Battlax 010 Dragon EVO MTR 21/22 Sportmax D207 MEZ3 Pilot Sport
Super Sport Battlax 56SS Dragon Corsa Sportmax D207RR MEZ3 Racing
Production Race Battlax 58 Dragon Super Corsa Sportmax GP RS 1-3 Pilot Race


Under 500cc 
Sport Touring Cyrox
Sport Battlax 92
Super Sport Battlax 96 Dragon HR MEZ1 HR
Production Race GPR

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Radial Tyres

There are three basic construction types as outlined below:

Radial Generally wider tyres designed for wider rims, with more supple carcasses, for the modern motorcycle.
Bias Generally narrower tyres designed for bikes produced in the 1980s with more rigid frames.  Applicable for post classic models.
Crossply Designed for classic bikes and generally tubed.

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Speedway Sidecar Racing

sidecar.jpg (13035 bytes)We are leading suppliers of 17 inch speedway sidecar radial racing tyres in New Zealand.  The introduction of 17 inch radial technology offers wider tyres and softer compounds that increase the contact patch and improve the drive out of turns.  Thus a new level of performance is achieved. 

We supply New Zealand's top riders & can provide the following tyres:

180/640 17 inch  Bridgestone racing wets 
27x7.5 18 inch Goodyear drag racing 

Please contact us for pricing & availability.  

Harley Davidson Tyres 

For the vast range of Harleys there is only four sizes commonly used.  Each leading manufacturer produces specific tyres for these machines with many incorporating a reinforced carcass for those extra heavy highway haulers.  Popular options for replacement of original equipment tyres are:

Our Rating:
Bridgestone Spitfire S11 Series
Continental Milestone CM Series
Firestone VTO Series
Pirelli Route 66
Harley Sizes Available:


90/90 x 21,
100/90 x 19,
130/90 x 16 
Rears 130/90 x 16, 
MT 90 HB 16,
140/90 x 16

Get  a quote now.

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Classic Bikes

classic.jpg (36426 bytes)We have a range of tyres and tubes for early restored classic bikes including sidecars.  Our premier tyre in this range is the Avon Speedmaster.  This is an English tyre with the following key features to maintain authenticity:

  • Classic rib style front tyre.
  • S Rated for speeds up to 112 mph.
  • Sidecar triple duty universal also available (ie the tyre can be used for front, rear or sidecar). 
  •  Get  a quote now.

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Your Questions & Our Qualifications

If you have any questions about motorcycle tyres contact us and we will happy to help. 

We have an experienced team with good knowledge of brands and correct applications.  We have worked on a range of bikes from Ducati 996s to Harley Davisons Sportsters & early Triumphs as well as commuting bikes.  

You can benefit from our knowledge gained from years of experience and our active involvement in NZ motorcycle racing.  We currently sponsor Glenn Williams in the Suzuki 600cc Production class.

We want you to become one of our long term satisfied customers, so we are committed to providing you with quality products, service and advice both now and in the future.  We hope your first purchase is just the beginning.  

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